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Sound View Development Partner’s perspective is that every town and city in our great country should have adequate housing for all members of its communities.  It is imperative that the spectrum of available housing is broad enough such that any participant in a town or city’s economy or community can afford to live there.  This long term goal is aimed at creating a more perfect version of our unparalleled country.  Sound View Development Partners aspires to be a catalyst of this vision.


We do not believe that housing is a right, nor do we believe in broad based publicly funded and publicly owned housing.  Instead, we believe that our country should leverage the full force of private investment, encourage sound lending practices and provide ample availability of diverse housing types such that every person, family and household has adequate opportunity to eventually own their dwelling.  We believe strong families, sound education, solid job opportunities and affordable housing are the pillars of a thriving America.  Home ownership is an American ideal that provides a foundation of worth and integrity.

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